I was skeptical at first, but I've slowly become a believer in this eye cream. This is the eye cream from Chanel's Le Lift franchise. It's essentially designed to fight lines and wrinkles. It's a really delicious smooth cream texture. Not thick or balmy, but way more nourishing than a gel or eye serum. It certainly provides a nice amount of moisture, and is effective when used around the entire eye area (lids included).

Here's the thing: I love Chanel. I worked for Chanel. I will always have an affinity for Chanel. I will always buy Chanel products. However, I recognize that, like most designer skincare, it's a lot of pretty packaging and fluffy marketing about some "rare ingredient that the house of ________ uses exclusively." Take for example Chanel's story:

Smart skincare customized to each woman’s unique needs.

This powerful, silky-smooth formula features exclusive ingredient 3.5-DA* and the 360° Eye Opening Complex to deliver targeted anti-aging benefits to the total eye area. Eyelids are visibly lifted. Elasticity is improved. Eyes immediately look more awake, and theeye contour appears 23%** firmer. ANTI-AGING BREAKTHROUGH: Signs of aging appear at a different pace for each woman. After 12 years of research, Chanel scientists discovered a new approach to address individual aging concerns.

Researchers isolated a remarkably potent extract from the Edulis Morning Glory and created a patented compound 50 times more concentrated than the original molecule. The resulting ingredient,3.5-DA, intuitively detects and targets individual factors of aging torestore skin to its optimal firmness***, while improving tone and suppleness.

*A Chanel-exclusive form of dicaffeoylquinic acid.

**Based on self-evaluation test conducted by 30 women who usedLE LIFT eye cream for 4 weeks. ***Based on self-evaluation test conducted by 30 women.

With all that said, I did a bit of research on this "3.5 DA" or dicaffeoylquinic acid.

Here's the findings from Sigma and Aldrich:

Biochem/physiol Actions Phenolic compound found in artichoke. Antioxidant and choleretic properties. Potential immunosuppressive agent.

Ingredients (Courtest of

Here's what this eye cream that contains in simpler language thanks to a bit of digging.

Ipomoea Batatas Root Extract: Sweet Potato. A skin conditioning agent. Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Extract: A type of yeast that holds onto water / hydration. Tromethamine: An anti-inflammatory that can affect water and electrolytes in the body. I couldn't find anything on its topical use. Chlorphenesin: A muscle relaxer Escin: A group of saponins and anti-inflammatories that has a vasoconstrictive effect. Less blood flow / less dark circles Beta-Sitosterol: Hydrophobic plant extract that repels water / reduces puffiness. Polyquaternium-51: A humectant that was originally used in the contact lens industry to prevent dry eye.

Granted, all of these ingredients aren't in immensely high concentration, but the money you spend on this product definitely gets you some benefits. Interestingly enough, there's no dicaffeoylquinic acid listed in the ingredient list. Unless they're listing the sweet potato as what the 3.5 DA is. Who knows.

With all that said, and all the skepticism I tend to hold against expensive designer brand skincare products, I like this eye cream. I like it a lot. The thing that I have to admit about this product is that it works. I used it nearly consistently for about three weeks, and my eye area felt firmer at the tail end of my trial. The skin felt stronger, more "lifted" and had a more brightened and smooth effect. When something works, I don't care who it's by or how much it costs. If it delivers, I'm happy. This delivers.

Another plus? It's fragrance-free. Chanel is known for making their products scented to high heavens, but I think they always ensure that the eye creams don't have any fragrance. There's also no mica in this, so any illumination you see on your eye area is likely the ingredients themselves getting to work. Nice.

This is my favorite eye cream that I have in my stash. Love her.

Chanel Le Lift Creme Yeux $105 for 0.5 oz, or 15 mL Available from Chanel, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus


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