It was a day of motion sickness, sweaty foreheads, dusty earth, and sheer magic. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. There was light summer rain, farm-to-table beet salad, and more joy in a day than I could have ever expected. I fell in love with Farmacy even more, and learned a lot about the importance of organic farming techniques and how self-care is still a driving factor behind the brand's intentions.

It's been a month since the fabulous Jaime Maser led the Farmacy field trip up to Mark's home and the next chapter for Echinacea Greenenvy on Whistling Willow Farms, but it still feels like it was yesterday.

We boarded the bus - fully stocked with kale lemonade and Green Screen SPF 30 - in the Meatpacking District before heading up to Mark and Cooper's home in upstate New York.

We were greeted with smiles and hugs by members of the Farmacy and VP+C teams, the Foundry 42 crew, and the lovely Satya.

After group meditation (and belly rubs with the friendliest dog I've ever met), we toured Mark's home. We saw the flower bed where Mark first discovered the now patented Echinacea Greenenvy flower blooming bright green. The lush foliage and open air felt welcoming and vibrant, and I could have just collapsed on the grass and spend the entire afternoon looking at the skin.

We sat down to a gorgeous lunch and shared laughter and insight with one another. After all, what do you expect when you sit a bunch of beauty writers and editors down over great food?

Afterwards, Mark (+ Crosby and Celia Rose!) shared the story and inspiration behind the newly launched Honey Drop. Farmacy truly does love its bees, and Honey Drop is no exception.

Then it was onto the Willow Wisp Organic Farm to meet Farmer Greg. It turns out that Farmacy's Echinacea Greenenvy was at capacity at their existing farm, so they partnered with Whistling Willow - and Greg's agricultural knowledge - to plant even more green flowers! Greg explained that they use certain organic farming techniques which replenish the soil so that future crops are able to benefit from all the nutrients that have been put back into the earth.

It was so moving to see rows and rows of Echinacea being planted because one day, that same Echinacea will make its way into a Farmacy product. For all I know, it could be the exact same product that one of you purchases in the future. We can be connected through the plants!!!

We each got to pot our own Echinacea Greenenvy plants to bring home, and as I look at mine sitting happily on my windowsill, I can't help but feel thankful to have been a part of such a wonderful day with such lovely people. Hi to all of my new friends that I met too!

Thank you to everyone who made the Farmacy Field Trip such a fantastic experience. It (still) means the world to me!


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